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    Big Data Analytics Solutions

    Analytics is a key to success in today’s competitive markets. The ability to leverage data and information drives smarter, more informed decision-making, and is the catalyst for growing revenue, gaining valuable insights for operations, and identifying emerging market opportunities. Studies have shown that companies who embrace analytics are twice as likely to outperform their competitors. 

    The federal government maintains a wealth of data, but many agencies lack the ability to tap into this ever-expanding resource. While a wide variety of big data analytics solutions exist, knowing how – and how best – to use them, can be challenging to IT departments who are already overtasked and understaffed.

    Jeskell’s big data analytics solutions include everything from complete design, set-up, and training to basic software implementations. We are a HortonWorks Bronze-Level Federal/Public Sector Partner.


    And we are proud to employ a co-author of “Hadoop for Dummies,” Bruce Brown, as our Senior Big Data and Analytics Systems Engineer. To read Bruce’s book, click the icon:


    Which Analytics Solution Is Right For My Organization?

    Deciding which analytics solutions are best suited to your organization’s needs should be an early topic of conversation between you and your analytics vendor. Some of the solutions to consider include:

    • HadoopData Analytics Solutions enable analyis across a variety of large volume datasets. Clients can build data lakes and gain valuable insights regardless of the type or size of their data.
    • Big Data Streaming Systems enable analytics on high velocity data where real-time processing is required to meet business and program requirements.
    • Big Data Warehouse Modernization Systems create a union between state of the art big data systems and existing information management systems, enabling a whole new class of analytic capabilities.
    • NoSQLSystems, such as HBase and Accumulo, increase the cost effectiveness and secure storage of massive amounts of data for new analytic solutions.
    • IBM Watson-based platforms make cognitive computing mainstream.
    • Integrated infrastructure solutions on IBM and Dell systems shrink the time to market for analytic solutions.


    Why Choose Jeskell for Your Analytics Needs?

    We understand that our clients are the experts regarding their businesses. Therefore, we take the time to carefully evaluate current systems and operations within the context of our clients' businesses, and by partnering with them to create a tailored solution. We also educate business leaders about the various options available in analytics implementations. Through this collaboration, we ensure solid deployments that will deliver optimal efficiencies and fast results.




    Analytics - The Next Generation of Cyber Security

    Jeskell also understands the value of analytics in cybersecurity. That’s why we’ve created CyberSentinel, an advanced machine learning, analytics-driven program designed to identify threats before they can do damage. CyberSentinel streams real-time analysis based on continuous ingestion of data using proprietary algorithms, industry-leading advanced machine learning, and IBM-patented, IBM Research-based statistical analysis. It uses supervised machine learning with classification algorithms, as well as unsupervised machine learning with clustering algorithms. And CyberSentinel’s IBM SPSS component helps developers identify the best algorithm for the job at hand.

    In short, CyberSentinel detects previously unknown threats that traditional rules and signatures-based analysis would miss. It also picks up botnet communication and exfiltration DGA, Tunneling, FastFluxing, and other tactics. It will lower management costs by reducing your false positives rate and time spent tuning your solution. And the Auto Classifier feature allows you to try out a variety of approaches in a single modeling run.

    CyberSentinel is a fully integrated, tested appliance that typically takes one week to install and go into production. It's also fully supported by Jeskell and IBM, and you can get it either as a “Proof-of-Concept Pilot,” where the solution is installed, data is gathered, and machine learning algorithms are run in one month, start-to-finish; or as a full “Production Support” option, where we install the full CyberSentinel suite into your environment, integrating it with other technologies for maximum effectiveness. Jeskell can also provide training on the development tools that come with CyberSentinel to help you build additional custom threat detectors as your security needs evolve.

    To learn more about how analytics enable CyberSentinel, read our article on “How to Rev Up Your Data Analytics Programs,” or visit our CyberSentinel home page.



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