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    About Our CIO-CS Contract

    Jeskell is a small business contract holder with CIO-CS, a GWAC administered by NIH's NITAAC

    CIO-CS covers everything IT, including services such as deployment and installation, maintenance and training, engineering studies, enterprise licenses and extended warranties, cloud, mobility, collaboration tools, web and video-conferencing, cyber security, virtualization and health and biomedical IT. Jeskell provides many of these offerings, alongside our partner Forrestor.


    View the NITAAC 2016/2017 Program Guide here:

    View the Program Guide


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    Additional information:

    •  Prompt payment terms: None
    •  Loaded labor rates: Click here
    •  Contact information for Jeskell’s CIO-CS Program Manager:
       Steve Koppenhafer, (301) 230-1533, skoppenhafer@jeskell.com
    •  Hyperlink to the NITAAC CIO-CS website: http://nitaac.nih.gov/nitaac/contracts/cio-cs



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