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    Cloud Solutions and Services

    How do you affordably minimize IT complexities and operations costs while improving infrastructure performance and scalability? For many organizations, cloud solutions and services are the answer.

    Whether your organization is looking for cloud storage solutions for data backup and recovery, or cloud infrastructure services to replace on-prem footprints, Jeskell can help you take advantage of this new IT landscape. We currently offer a full range of IBM cloud options, including the FedRAMP-certified Infrastructure-as-a-Service IBM Cloud

    How Can Cloud Solutions And Services Benefit My Organization?

    Dedicated storageCloud infrastructure and services offer speedy, cost-effective delivery of services and increased agility for your organization. Whether you need to perform advanced analytics, host additional/dynamic capacity and development, test and development environments or host applications—cloud solutions and services are flexible enough to meet almost any business need. For example, the following use cases are exceptionally well-suited to cloud computing: environment
    • Drupal as a Service
    • Cognos as a Service
    • VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure)
    • Virtual Mobile Infrastructure
    • Secure file sync and share
    • Backup and archive
    • Test and development
    • Sytsems of insight and engagement
    • Hybrid cloud

    Why Choose Jeskell for Your Cloud Needs?

    Jeskell’s cloud storage and infrastructure solutions and services include:

    • Cloud on-boarding and migration services
    • Bare metal to managed services
    • On and off-premise solutions
    • Real-time deployment

    Cloud Migration

    For many, the first step onto cloud is often the hardest to take. Jeskell understands the complexities behind a data migration to cloud, from premise-based solutions to software environments. Our experts have handled wide-ranging configurations, including the migration of data from physical environments to virtualized cloud.

    What About Cloud Computing For the Federal Government?

    Jeskell's cloud of choice, IBM Cloud, is FedRAMP 2.0 certified (via the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of the Interior). It meets FISMA standards using best-of-breed technologies, and meets NIST SP 800-53 rev 4, FISMA Moderate, and DoD Impact Level 2 qualifications. It has the ability to achieve FISMA High, and plans to achieve Impact Level 4. IBM Cloud is compliant with SOC 2 Type II/SSAE 16, and HIPAA and PCI-DSS workloads. For more about the IBM Cloud FedRAMP certification, read our blog post.

    Security, performance and value make up IBM Cloud's key differentiators. Its triple network architecture, “dedicated-everything” approach, and transparency gives users isolation from public internet, data chain-of-custody at the disk level, and an immutable audit trail. Mostly-free bandwidth, 24/7 enterprise-level support, and granular pricing make IBM Cloud hosting an attractive option to federal users. And unlike competitors, IBM CLoud does not over-provision its virtual instances – resulting in more consistent performance at a predictable price. While initial IBM Cloud quotes appear to be higher than that of the competition, cost savings and pricing predictability throughout the life of service often results in significant overall savings.

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    IBM Cloud Federal Data Center Security

    Security is paramount when selecting a cloud provider - especially for the federal government. Learn more about IBM Cloud security practices here.



    Migrating to the cloud

    Learn how we helped one client deploy their software to the cloud in this case study.



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