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    Core Infrastructure Optimization

    Purchasing new IT infrastructure can be a daunting, expensive, and consequential process. Solutions purchased without sufficient research or planning can end up sitting on the self indefinitely. And projects that cannot be completed with in-house skillsets are often put off indefinitely.

    That’s why many agencies turn to a trusted partner with deep technical expertise and solid industry relationships before making a decision--a partner like Jeskell. We make sure your core infrastructure optimization projects are carefully planned, precisely executed, and running correctly over the course of a warm hand-off.

    To learn how Jeskell can help your organization optimize new and existing IT infrastructure, reach out to one of our IT professionals. We’ll be happy to help!


    How Do I Choose The Right Solution for My Organization?

    Core infrastructure optimization is one of the broadest categories in the IT market. To get a sense of what you’re looking for, and what you really need, Jeskell experts will work with you to review existing, planned, and potential projects to decide which fit is right for you. Our highly-certified team of engineers will be ready to assist for whatever project you select.

    Jeskell’s core infrastructure optimization offerings include:

    • Consolidation – Avoid performance-draining server sprawl, out-of-control complexity, and higher energy costs. Jeskell’s core infrastructure services and consolidation solutions help companies seize control of their infrastructures by increasing server utilization, reducing system management complexity, condensing data center floor space, and lowering power and cooling costs. Get more out of IT investments and achieve a lower TCO.

    • Virtualization – Drive server utilization to new heights and reduce data center energy consumption with virtualization solutions built on industry-leading VMware technology. Virtualization management solutions combine provisioning, management, and diagnostic tools into a single platform, giving IT experts a simplified view into server performance. Virtualization is a key aspect of core infrastructure optimization for companies seeking to affordably improve service delivery and business agility.
    • Storage Management – Our storage management solutions enable companies and agencies to capitalize on their storage investments with more accurate, predictable growth and greater overall system performance. To learn more about Jeskell’s storage practice, visit our Storage solution page here.

    • HPSS – By leveraging the unique capabilities of IBM’s HPSS (High Performance Storage Systems), Jeskell is able to provide highly-flexible and scalable hierarchical storage management using cluster and LAN and/or SAN technology to combine the performance of many computers, disks, and tape drives into a single virtual file system. This approach allows customers to easily meet otherwise unachievable demands of storage capacity. Pre-configured to meet storage needs and analyze data simultaneously, HPSS has a cluster design that combines the power of multiple computer nodes into a single, integrated storage system – all of which operates on a simple management interface. While HPSS applies mainly to clients with multi-petabyte environments, elements of it can be implemented in smaller systems, too. Download our solution brief, “Bring High Capacity Storage Demands Down to Size,” to learn more about our IBM HPSS solutions and services, or visit the independent HPSS home page here.
    • Business Continuity – Organizations can be rendered nonfunctional when critical systems, applications, and networks fail. Jeskell’s disaster recovery and high availability solutions prevent catastrophic events from crippling businesses. Our experts possess decades of experience identifying vulnerabilities, implementing these highly complex but crucial systems, and ensuring continuous operations with zero downtime. We assess, recommend designs, and come up with a perfect-fit plan to fit specific client needs.


    Why Choose Jeskell For Your Infrastructure Optimization Needs?

    Jeskell’s team of experts has decades of experience architecting, installing, and servicing complex environments. We know that efficiently-implemented IT infrastructures can create substantial cost savings, from lowered operational costs and energy bills to a decreased need for services managing ever-expanding data levels. Jeskell’s core infrastructure optimization solutions take to heart the cost savings and simplified management that cutting edge server and storage innovations can provide.


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