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    Cyber Security Systems

    The number of viruses, spyware, malware, and sophisticated cyber attacks in the marketplace is ever-increasing, with new threats being designed every day to penetrate every layer of your organization’s environment. It has become essential for companies to protect their networks and assets from both internal and external risks, in increasingly complex ways.

    What’s your best bet for keeping your data safe – and your organization’s name out of the papers? Strong cyber security systems use the latest technologies with research-based security features from trusted providers.

    Jeskell has crafted deep expertise in select resources from our industry-leading partners. Our goal is to provide solutions that perform effectively under pressure, not just when things go as planned.

    To learn how Jeskell can help your organization combat cyber threats, reach out to one of our IT professionals. We’re ready to help you stay on the offensive.


    How Do I Choose The Right Cyber Security Solution?

    Everyone knows cyber security is an evolving threat, and that staying one step ahead of new methodologies means keeping up to date with the latest defense mechanisms. But there are so many options; which do you choose?

    While each of these solutions is plays its role, network security is vitally important to an organization. When networks get breached, headlines get written - as described in our blog post here. To keep your organization’s name out of the paper, it’s crucial to protect your IT environment with the same diligence as you would a vulnerable facility: where a facility has its vigilant security staff, networks need to have Intrusion Prevention Systems. Where facilities have sign-in desks, networks need Access Management Programs to enforce rules-based access. And just as facilities are monitored for any sign of a breach – from unlocked doors to leaking pipes – networks must be monitored constantly by SIEM software looking for anything out of the ordinary.

    Why Choose Jeskell for Your Cyber Security Needs?

    Jeskell is qualified to provide a wide variety of security solutions – including those that meet FedRAMPand FISMA standards in the federal government. These solutions range from Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Endpoint Management solutions, to network protection, and more.

    Our cyber security solutions for the federal government include:

    • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions
    • Network security solutions
    • Common criteria compliance services
    • Application analysis services

    To learn more about Jeskell or speak to an expert regarding our Cyber Security Systems, contact us online or call us at 1-877-JESKELL. Our team will work with you to find the right approach for your organization.



    Our newest cyber security product, Jeskell CyberSentinel Threat Detector, goes even beyond what traditional SIEM software can accomplish. It incorporates security and industry-leading analytics, in combination with marketing-leading and mature IBM technologies (including propriety algorithms and statistical analysis) to learn network norms and identify anomalies in the face of changing data sets and evolving network activity. With CyberSentinel, you'll get better visibility, faster response times, and a smarter approach to security.

    To visit our CyberSentinel home page, click here.


    More Information On Cyber Security

    New to cyber security?

    Read our Intro to Cyber Security blog post, or watch our introductory video (below) that describes why key cyber security products like Intrusion Prevention Systems, Access Management Programs, and Security Information and Event Management software (SIEM) should form the basis of your cyber security systems and strategy:


    What About Patch Management?

    Many organizations rely on the leading patch management software simply because it’s free – but it requires manual downloads, and doesn’t have Linux or UNIX extensions. For those who truly want to improve their cyber security systems – and not just save money – Jeskell recommends IBM BigFix, which uses relevance-based rules to continuously monitor which patches are relevant, and apply those that are.  And it’s compatible with UNIX, Linux, or Windows.

    To learn more about this key element of a strong cyber security system, watch our two-minute video on "The Price of 'Free' Patch Management'":



    To explore how Jeskell can help secure your organization and the data that drives your business forward, contact us today.


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