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    High-Performance Storage Solutions

    Today's application workloads are putting storage and network performance under pressure. Traditional systems are engulfed by everything from Big Data and large-scale files to unstructured data. Managing this data can become exceedingly difficult, not only from a capacity standpoint, but also from the architectural side.

    Government agencies in particular face even more challenges. With expanding capacity requirements, aging infrastructure, and decreasing budgets, managers are left wondering how they can improve data performance and security with limited resources. 

    At Jeskell, we’ve helped enterprises and government agencies address these and other storage-related problems for over 25 years. Our high performance storage solutions are customized for each client, tailored to their needs and their budget.

    To learn how Jeskell can help your organization combat storage challenges, reach out to one of our IT professionals. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

    How Can I Choose The Right Solution For My Enterprise or Agency?

    If you are unsure of which storage solution is best for your organization, Jeskell’s team of engineers can help you assess your storage needs and develop a plan for implementing our chosen solutions.

    Our process starts with an in-depth consultation where we work with your team to determine how much data you have and how, when, and where it is accessed. We start by asking questions such as:

    • Which applications generate the largest number of files?
    • How quickly do you need to be able to access that data?
    • From what locations do you need to access which data?

    From there we can go over your storage options and help you choose a solution that will meet your organization’s current and future data needs.

    Why Choose Jeskell For Your Storage Needs?

    Jeskell is dedicated to developing and implementing innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our consultative approach allows us to get a deep understanding of your infrastructure and the specific data challenges you face. In addition, our experts have the certifications and experience to design and implement solutions for a variety of businesses and government organizations.

    To learn more about Jeskell or speak to an expert regarding our High-Performance Storage Solutions, contact us online or call us at 301.230.1533. Our team can work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

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    Bringing High Capacity Storage Demands Down to Size

    In our solution brief, Bring High Capacity Storage Demands Down to Size, Jeskell focuses on transforming your data management, storage, and backup landscape through High-Performance Storage (HPS).Sell_Sheet_Icon

    Learn how your company or agency can manage data-intensive application workloads with:

    • Cluster, LAN, and/or SAN technology
    • A single virtual system
    • Aggregated performance of computers, disks, and tape drives
    • Faster runtimes and data distribution
    Click here or on the image to download the solution brief.

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