Jeskell can help you double utilization on your existing storage servers, add 100 TB of raw, tiered storage* to your environment, and extend the life of your storage by an average of 2 – 3 years — all for under $200K. 

Available with the IBM Storwize v5000, your solution will include IBM EasyTier, virtualization, real-time compression, and declustered RAID, plus up to 40 hours of expert Jeskell integration services. If you want:

  • HETEROGENEOUS ENCRYPTION without having to rip and replace
  • 5-10 TIMES FASTER DATA REBUILDING after a drive failure
  • IMPROVED AVAILABILITY due to full duplexed data copies, automatic switchover, and non-disruptive data movements
  • DOUBLE THE CAPACITY of existing storage systems through virtualization & RTC
  • REDUCED SOFTWARE COSTS by moving Oracle workloads to Flash

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 *100 TB is comprised of 36 TB Flash, 36 TB 10,000 RPM disk, and 28 TB 7,200 RPM disk.

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