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    "Smarter. Faster. Simply better."

    Jeskell’s engineering staff and project managers are experts in their fields, including Big Data, High Performance Storage, Systems Integration and Staging, and program architecture and development. With numerous technical certifications from industry leaders like IBM, Brocade, Lenovo, Dell, VMware and Red Hat in everything from web services development to Linux technical support, Jeskell engineers are able to leverage these partners’ world-class R&D to provide you with cutting-edge IT solutions. In addition, most of our account executives began their careers as systems engineers, giving them a strong technical understanding of clients’ problems—and solutions. That’s why when you work with Jeskell, you work with a team of trusted experts in the high-tech solutions we implement.

    When a problem arises, how quick is your IT provider to respond? Do they take hours to get around to your problem? Even days? As a small business, Jeskell has the agility to address your IT problems quickly and effectively. We know the right people to call and how to engage them quickly, without having to dredge through bureaucratic channels like larger companies do. When IBM sold its x86 server business to Chinese owned Lenovo—a prohibitive supplier for many federal government customers—Jeskell’s agile maneuvering and intelligent network of industry relationships allowed us to procure IBM x86 servers manufactured before the sale to Lenovo from third-party vendors. That’s one example of how Jeskell gives its clients world-class service with the dexterity of a small business.

    Simply Better.
    Highly awarded by our partners & customers alike—including recognition by IBM as an Elite Specialty Partner, and by Boeing as a Gold Level Supplier—Jeskell strives for excellence on every project. Unlike some IT companies, who try to be all things to all customers all of the time, Jeskell focuses on perfecting its key capabilities while working with partners to integrate complete solutions. In other words, Jeskell does what it does best, augmenting our team of highly skilled professionals with select partners—from global manufacturers to local service providers—to give our customers the best return for their IT investment. Our highly experienced program managers oversee each project, ensuring on-time delivery of solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements. That’s what makes Jeskell different; and that’s what makes us Smarter. Faster. Simply better.

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