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    With a team of subject matter experts from multiple disciplines, Jeskell has the resources at the ready to perform enterprise solutions and system deployments. With a successful track record of completing complex implementations, Jeskell experts can assist your company with analytics, data management, security, and infrastructure optimization.

    • Integration Services – Make the complex integration projects more seamless. Jeskell has provided, pre-staged, integrated, and delivered our customer’s solutions for simplified implementation and rapid deployments.

    • Solution Deployment Services – The right deployment and implementation skills are critical to our customer’s success. Jeskell can provide deployment and implementation services to complement our solution offerings. 
    • Storage Services - We will always design and deliver premium storage software and hardware to meet the most unique needs. With integration services, high performance archiving, elastic storage certifications, and the ability to handle heterogeneous storage management environments, our team is equipped to handle any storage architecture design and implementation.

    • Hardware Optimization and Customization – Our team has almost three decades of successful hardware implementations under their belts. Our Hardware Optimization and Customization solutions include:
      • Consolidation
      • Virtualization
      • High availability
      • Backup and recovery

    • Security – We are well-versed on IBM security solutions, including QRadar, Guardium, BigFix, and more. We also provide CyberSentinel, an IBM-analytics and security-based network protection system built on IBM SPSS, InfoSphere, and proprietary algorithms. To learn more about CyberSentinel, visit our site.
    • Cloud Services – Cloud infrastructures have many perks. Migrating a premise-based solution to a software environment, however, can be a tricky task. Jeskell understands the unique compatibility requirements involved when shifting from physical environments to virtual and virtual cloud. Jeskell offers the planning, design, configuration, and implementation of private, public, and hybrid clouds

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