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Is Someone Listening? How to Prevent Eavesdropping with TSG Phones

Oct 19, 2018 12:37:30 PM | Security

Is someone listening in on your calls?

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If you’re a US federal government employee, this might be a well-founded concern. (If not… hopefully you’re just paranoid!)

With Russia manipulating US elections on social media, and Cuba somehow sickening our embassy staffers, it’s enough to make any American wary. All told, soft attacks on the US are on the rise. And phone lines are no exception.

“But aren’t government phone lines already secure?” you ask. Not all of them.

While many lines in the Intelligence Community are secured with TSP VoIP phones to prevent eavesdropping, many more lines throughout the federal government are not. And as our enemies grow increasingly crafty and opportunistic in their forms of surveillance, even mundane-seeming information can prove significant in wily hands. As a result, new requirements and mandates have been issued to help prevent these attacks. The federal government has now issued requirements for Control of Unclassified Information (CUI) for all agencies.

So while cybersecurity might be the hot security topic of the day, traditional lines of communication must also be protected. As a cybersecurity provider to the federal government, Jeskell prides itself on helping our clients stay one step ahead of possible attacks.

And that’s where our new partner CIS Secure Computing comes in. 

CIS is an ISO-certified manufacturer that designs and manufactures a wide range of security products including modified Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) equipment to support stringent government phone communications requirements. It is a leader in securing COTS solutions and specializes in designing, testing, manufacturing, and supporting advanced secure solutions, including rugged solutions for the defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security communities.

Jeskell is excited to partner with such an innovative, highly specialized company. CIS’s solutions bring unique value to address a critical need for our federal clients. This partnership helps us help clients protect themselves to the fullest possible extent. As cybersecurity threats from nation states and bad actors increase, and newly emerging compliance requirements multiply, securing federal entities at every level of communication is crucial. Our new partnership with CIS puts us in the position to enable our clients in achieving their security goals.

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