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Not Everything That Happens in Vegas Stays There – A Recap of Dell EMC World

Jun 20, 2017 10:42:19 AM | Dell

Jeskell-Dell-EMC-DellWorld-recap.jpegSometimes when you go to Las Vegas, you actually come home a winner.  Jeskell attended the Dell EMC World user forum last month in Las Vegas to explore what our expanded relationship means to you, our valued customers. We think you’ll like what we brought back.


A New Partnership - Jeskell and Dell

The atmosphere at Dell EMC World was electric. More than 13,000 users and partners gathered to explore the recent Dell EMC convergence.  The quantity and intensity of learning experiences was like drinking from a fire hose.  And founder Michael Dell seemed to be everywhere, whether sitting next to a Jeskell team member at a luncheon, or making himself available at training sessions. Plus, we got up-close exposure to emerging technologies and new customer support offerings.

Jeskell’s newly expanded partnership with Dell EMC now makes the entirety of its blended portfolio available to our customers.  That includes Dell EMC software defined networking, storage, and VMware virtualization, just to name a few—all amazingly integrated. 

Our primary mission in Las Vegas was to absorb everything we could about the full product set. We learned about Dell EMC’s hyper-converged systems, the economies and security advantages of private clouds, and storage capabilities, plus integration with third-party products such as Virtustream Storage Cloud, Intel’s Optane memory, and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.


A Winning Combination

At Jeskell, we’re confident that Dell EMC’s logical, integrated infrastructure is a winning strategy for many of our customers. In both federal and commercial spaces, our customers must hunt for solutions that are faster, better, and cheaper than aging entrenched technologies.  Not only will the entire Dell EMC solution set work more effectively right out of the box, it’s designed with a single integrated vision to keep you flexible as new technologies emerge or your mission changes. 

All of this is backed by the teams from Jeskell and Dell EMC that support you.  At the Las Vegas user forum, we strengthened our ties with Dell’s knowledgeable federal team members who complement our own experts. We also secured a high-level Dell liaison to streamline commercial projects.

No IT conference would be complete without blizzards of buzzwords.  In the world of Dell EMC, we learned about some of the hottest emerging technologies, including IoT, AI and machine learning, forward-looking cybersecurity measures, mobility, big data, and most of all – Digital Transformation, the art of applying a digital-first approach to every aspect of an organization, in concert.


Everyone's A Winner

The meeting in Las Vegas turned out to be a win for our customers, too, since we gained so much knowledge and expanded our relationships with the teams at Dell EMC. It’s truly exciting to be a part of Dell EMC’s transformation, and we’re proud that Dell EMC is looking to Jeskell to bring these messages and products to you, our valued customers.

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Bill Gleich

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