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Cybersecurity for Infrastructure

Jeskell brings deep expertise in integrating cybersecurity elements to deliver a common operating picture and secure your overall IT environment.

We provide expert personnel who can evaluate your environment and develop a coherent architecture with your existing investments — allowing you to reach new levels of security and compliance.

From there, we’ll show you how to balance your available resources with new investments that can take you far beyond your current capabilities. Keeping your goals and priorities top-of-mind, we’ll assess your level of risk and recommend the right tools for your needs. Our experts will also help you understand the ROI from these new investments. Once our plan’s in place, our team will integrate and implement those tools in the precise solution for your requirements.

Key competencies include:

Assessment Services

Identifying your current security posture and advising on overall security or discrete areas/toolsets.

Integration Services

Making the most of your existing toolset and integrating multiple tools to provide a common operating picture and real-time awareness.

New Capability Implementation

Adding analytics layers to automate awareness and fight Advanced Persistent Treats (APT), and adding orchestration layers to automate cyber responses

After implementation, we’ll conduct follow-on engagements to help you continuously assess and mitigate risk — keeping your security scorecard high and avoiding the need for costly reinvestments and do-overs.


Better visibility, stronger compliance, lower costs

Our solutions give you real-time, multi-tiered visibility to your enterprise’s compliance posture.

Increased end-user confidence

Automated actions reduce time, lower costs and improve accuracy in audits, incident response, and other business processes.

Minimized Risk

Standardization, automation and continuous risk assessment reduce uncertainty across your IT environment.

Focus Areas

Data Integrity Preservation

Network security ensuring the accuracy, consistency and validity of data in transit

Security Analytics

Advanced machine learning techniques to strengthen and streamline cybersecurity practices

Secure Communications

TSG-approved phones to ensure confidentiality in the most sensitive environments

Get Started

Schedule a consultation with Jeskell’s vice president of new business offerings, Todd Morris, and one of our experienced systems engineers. They’ll talk to you about your organization’s mission and goals and your current project requirements, and will advise on a tailored solution that’s optimized for your mission success.


Todd Morris, VP of New Business Offerings

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