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High-Performance Data Storage

Jeskell offers cost-effective, high-performance data storage to help you manage vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

We specialize in storage that improves data security and effectiveness — using best-in-breed technologies to build solutions for any budget or capacity need. With advanced processing, search and archiving, we’ll help you safeguard data and draw actionable intelligence at the pace of your mission — supporting better mission performance overall.

Jeskell partners with the world’s leading tech providers to offer powerful capabilities in:

Transaction Processing

Rapidly process high volumes of complex data across large workloads with low-latency solutions delivering millions of IOPS .


Accelerate the search of unstructured data to quickly identify correlations, patterns and anomalies within massive data sets.


Reliably store, preserve and protect growing data sets over the long term, keeping data highly available and retrievable.


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Extreme capacity for diverse data types and long-term retention

We deliver highly scalable storage solutions to house, process and archive high volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Optimized ROI

We engineer storage systems to achieve the optimal balance of performance, capacity and cost.

Best-of-breed solutions for varying storage needs

We integrate industry-leading technologies to support any data type, file size, growth rate or retention requirement.

Focus Areas

Data-intensive, performance-critical processing

Ensuring high availability and rapid processing of real-time data to meet urgent mission demands.

Complex Systems Architecture and Design

Creating systems that keep data secure and available across a range of scenarios, based on your specific level of risk.

Get Started

Schedule a consultation with Jeskell senior VP, Greg Lefelar, and one of our experienced systems engineers. They’ll talk to you about your organization’s mission and goals and your current project requirements, and will advise on a tailored solution that’s optimized for your mission success.


Greg Lefelar, SVP of Sales
Jeskell Systems, LLC
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