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IT Modernization & Digital Transformation

At Jeskell, we don’t believe in modernizing for modernization’s sake. Instead, our aim is to intentionally transform your organization’s infrastructure so it directly enables your mission. We have a proven track record of improving mission performance with cost-effective, modern infrastructure solutions that leverage the most innovative technologies on the market.

Our technical experts will help you select, adopt and implement new tools and approaches to solve your specific mission challenge — whether it’s securing sensitive information, improving citizens’ access to services, arming warfighters with real-time information on the battlefield, or improving health outcomes for veterans. We assess how well your existing environment aligns with your budget and objectives. Then, using our OEM partners’ best-in-class technologies, we devise the optimal solution for your requirements.

Solutions can include:

  • Data center consolidation
  • Virtualization and software-defined architectures
  • Converged and hyper-converged infrastructures
  • Process automation
  • Cloud migration and hybrid cloud solutions
  • DevOps adoption
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Integration and support services


Better mission outcomes

We introduce technologies that transform how information is used, allowing agencies to meet mission demands faster and more effectively.

Reduced risk, stronger security and improved IT effectiveness

We link new and existing technologies to create a modern infrastructure that’s agile, secure and cost-efficient.

Enhanced services to citizens, warfighters and veterans

We equip organizations with the tools they need to stay highly responsive, secure and informed in all aspects of service delivery.

Focus Areas

Modernization and Systems Design

Designing adaptable systems that have the capacity to support legacy, current and future technologies.

Process Design and Improvement

Redefining and reengineering business processes so they align with an organization’s current requirements and new IT priorities.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Delivering secure IT infrastructure solutions to safeguard networks, systems, endpoints, and data-at-rest and in-flight.

Get Started

Schedule a consultation with Jeskell’s vice president of strategic initiatives, Tony Celeste, and one of our experienced systems engineers. They’ll talk to you about your organization’s mission and goals and your current project requirements, and will advise on a tailored solution that’s optimized for your mission success.


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