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Buyer’s Guide: Achieving Digital Transformation for the Federal Government

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To successfully leverage the MGT Act for digital transformation, agencies will need to develop a strong proposal.  

Factors on which proposals will be evaluated include the project’s impact on agency mission, feasibility, financial impact and its ability to replace existing legacy technology. 

As its acronym, MGT, implies, the Modernizing Government Technology Act is about better management of federal IT dollars. It was passed as part of the fiscal 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (subtitle G). Its major provisions incentivize agencies to modernize IT systems by creating a central Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) to streamline funding and allows agencies to repurpose savings in their own IT Working Capital Funds.

Jeskell specializes in IT Modernization & Digital Transformation and has a proven track record of improving mission performance with cost-effective, modern infrastructure solutions that leverage the most innovative technologies on the market. 

Learn more about the things to consider in drafting a proposal, and how to design your roadmap for success with Jeskell’s guide to MGT.

Download the Guide

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